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Southern Michigan Metal Sales

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At Southern Michigan Metal Sales, we aim to provide the industries best quality products with our customers interests at heart. It’s our belief that quality and customer service are the foundation for great business.

  • Delivery, Onsite Manufacturing, In Shop Manufacturing
  • 24 and 26 gauge Standing Seam Roofing, and metal Siding.
  • 24 and 26 gauge trim.
  • Mechanically Fastener Standing Seam.
  • Exposed Fastener Panels and trim (29 gauge).
  • Roofing Accessories (Screws, sealant, fasteners, clips, snow rails, pipe boots, rivets, and underlayment).

Metal Sales |
Southern Michigan Metal Sales

Featuring: Delivery, Onsite Manufacturing, & In Shop Manufacturing

All Panels and Trim are made by Southern Michigan Metal Sales, we do not order trim or panels from anyone. Only CMG (Coated Metal Group) rolled steel is used to make trim and panels. Multiple Color options suited for everyone’s different preferences. EDCO Metal Shingles also available.

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Our Metal Products

We have a variety of metal products to suit your needs including, Standing Seam, Mechanically Fastened Standing Seam, Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Standing Seam Metal Siding, Ag Panel, Rib Steel, Exposed Fastener Panels, Un-exposed Fastener Panels, Coated Metal Shingles, Metal Roofing Accessories, Valley Pan, Drip Edge, Rake & Gable, Cap, Ridge, Hip Cap, End Wall, Side Wall, Z Bar, Cleat, Transition Cleat, Butyl Tape, Vented Closers, Boots, Split Boots, Fast Grip Screws, Staples, SS Rivets & more options for your metal needs.

Panel Color Selections

Panel Color Selector

Color panels

Standard House

Deep Black

Reflectivity: 26.7%
Emissivity: .84
SRI: 25

*Specifications are approximates and not 100% accurate but, a close representation.

Metal Supplies & Metal Accessories

Metal Supplies & Metal Accessories

Take a peak at our metal supplies and metal accessories that we sell and how they can ultimately look on your home or business.

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View our metal resources and options for our metal supplies here at Southern Michigan Metal Sales

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